Villa with pool in Italy for you perfect holidays

A villa with pool in Italy:
the perfect holiday

A holiday in Italy, in a villa with pool, pampered by the quietness of the hills but just a few steps away from historic towns and art places.

What else could you ask for?

Making your holiday a unique and special experience is very easy: you only need to choose the best solution, the one that combines relax and entertainment, tranquillity and services. More and more tourists decide to spend their holidays in Italy renting a villa with pool. A luxury choice which is practical as well, offering many advantages.

Autonomy and independence

By choosing holiday villas, you won’t have neither time nor space constraints. You can freely decide when to eat, when to go to bed, when to get up in the morning. And when to take a relaxing dip in the pool, as well.


Spending your holidays in a villa in Italy means having the possibility to benefit from (private and exclusive) safe spaces; these can be enjoyed in total freedom and with full respect for your privacy and for the privacy of your family.

Tranquillity and flexibility

You’ll be able to manage your own time as you prefer, away from the confusion of the crowd, from the queues of the restaurants, and from the long waits for a seat by the poolside.

Comforts and services

Renting a holiday villa with pool in Italy means having an elegant, cozy and large house, furnished with style and equipped with every comfort. A special experience in a unique background of exceptional beauty.

Relaxing atmosphere and mild climate

Holiday villas with pool which are rented in Italy are often surrounded by the quietness of the hills, in contact with nature. This means silence, tranquillity, and especially more pleasant temperatures in comparison to historic town centres and tourist places.


Away from confusion and traffic but close to the city. The holiday villas are the ideal starting point for your travels, either for guided visits to the museums or for nature excursions. You’ll be able to move around easily and autonomously to reach the most interesting destinations of that specific area.

Diving as much as you like

Renting a villa with pool allows you to enjoy a relaxing bath even if you’re far from any beach, at any time: in the morning, before having breakfast, at dusk, while enjoying an appetizer at sunset, after dinner, to facilitate a restful sleep.

Freedom for meals

A pasta dish improvised at midnight, a barbecue by the poolside, a dinner with friends (maybe prepared by a chef), or a lunch at the nearest restaurant. Thanks to your holiday villa, every culinary desire can be fulfilled.

Spaces for everyone

Holiday villas in Italy are meant to host families and groups of friends, from 6 up to 10 people. They are equipped with common areas and private rooms, so you can share convivial moments whilst respecting privacy, timing and everyone’s needs.


Who is a villa with pool
holiday suitable for?

A holiday villa with pool is ideal for groups of friends, even in pairs. It is possible to spend some time together respecting everyone’s needs and organizing yourself autonomously at the same time.

Holiday villas with pool in Italy are perfect for families (even for the largest ones), because they can count on safe and protected places, and they have all that is needed to look after children in the best way: from the spaces to the services, up to the countless activities where you can involve them. Away from confusion, children recover their tranquillity and fully enjoy their holiday, as well as mum, dad and grandparents do.

The important thing is to choose the right villa, especially if you are in a large group.

How to choose a holiday villa
with pool in Italy

You should consider a villa with pool for your holidays: you’ll benefit in terms of relax and entertainment. Just make sure that your holiday villa is provided with every comfort and service (equipped kitchen, pool, air conditioning, possibility to have service staff). Make sure it is spacious, with common areas and private rooms, so you can freely decide which spaces to share, and when to share them.

For your holiday in Italy you should choose a villa near to the main attractions, so you can easily move around.

Top destinations
for your holiday in a villa in Italy

Tuscany and Umbria are certainly two of the Italian regions offering the best accomodations for those who wish to spend a holiday in a villa with pool.

They are both territories deeply rooted in their traditions, where villas are often based on historic dwellings, tastefully furnished with vintage materials, thus allowing you to live a unique experience.

They are green regions, where it’s still possible to spend a holiday in contact with nature, enjoying postcard landscapes.

They are lands of culinary traditions, where pampering yourself with delicious food and wine is always a good idea.

Tuscan and Umbrian art cities will amaze and enchant you. It will be a journey made of history, culture and beauty. Art is not only in the museums, in Italy. It is in every single detail: in the piazzas, in the ancient churches, in the medieval villages, in the historic buildings.

Tuscany and Umbria are hospitable lands, suitable for families, where adults and kids can enjoy their own spaces, choosing between relax and activities.

Among the top destinations for your holiday in a villa, we recommend San Gimignano, Orvieto and Perugia.

Are you looking for
a villa with pool for your holiday in Italy?

Vallebuia, Pereto and Sambuco are probably right for you.