Which is the best time to visit Italy for holidays?

Which is the best time to visit Italy? It depends on what you are looking for: the mildest climate, a calendar full of events, the most convenient period.

However, there is always a good reason to visit the Bel Paese in any season.

A winter holiday
in Italy

During winter, the climate is rather cold in Italy, especially in the north; so consider this point if you are looking for the best time for a holiday in Italy.

The Bel Paese is perfect from December to early March if you love snow and mountains: with its Alps and Apennines, Italy has many locations equipped for skiing. In Southern Italy the climate is far milder; however, since it consists mainly of seaside places, not all accomodation facilities are open.

But it could be the best time to dedicate yourself to museums, art places and… good food. All of that is always present in Italy.


Visiting Italy
in spring

In terms of climate, the period going from March to June is the best time to visit Italy. The days start to get longer and the temperatures get milder.

Nature awakens and Italy offers postcard views, especially if you decide to spend a holiday in the middle of nature, in green areas, maybe through olive groves, vineyards and woods. In particular, the months of March and April still correspond to the “low season”,therefore prices are more affordable and there is no shortage of offers.

Of course, this is true for hotels and rents, but generally for tourism-oriented projects as well. So if you are looking for the most convenient period to visit Italy, opt for spring.

But that’s not all: since it is “low season”,you don’t have to deal with the crowd, the long waits and the confusion of the peak periods. On the other hand, when the warm weather arrives, the calendar of the events and of the spring activities starts to come alive.

The best time
to visit Italy? Summer!

Italy extends along almost 7500 km of coasts. If you love the sea, then the Bel Paese is the perfect destination for your holiday and summer is the best time to visit Italy. You will find both sandy and rocky beaches, small quiet villages and locations of unbridled fun.

Summer is also one of the times of the year when events and festivals of almost any kind are countless, in Italy.

On the other hand, during the “high season”the heat starts to arise, the prices are higher and tourist places are generally very crowded because it is the period with the greatest inflow. Especially in case you travel with your family or in a group, we recommend you to opt for an independent solution, such as a villa or a farmhouse for rent. By preferring the greenest and most relaxing areas, you will be able to discover Italy in complete tranquillity also during this time of the year.

If you are looking for a destination for your summer holiday in Italy, then Umbria and Tuscany are two great choices.

in Italy

Autumn is one of the best periods to visit Italy. The colours of nature warm the heart and offer charming landscapes like in a painting.

Not surprisingly, every year this season draws many tourists and photographers who love “foliage”, i.e. the show of the leaves turning golden. Your eyes will be ravished at each change of season.

Anyway, the months of September and October are perfect to visit art cities and to enjoy the fruits of the earth, namely the typical, seasonal products. Which are other good points confirming that autumn is one of the best periods for a holiday in Italy.

If you love the sea, set your sights on Central and Southern Italy, where you can have a bath or get a tan until October.

The temperatures are pleasant and the places are not as crowded as they are during summer.

This is a cost-effective period to visit Italy: the prices remain in the average trend of the “low season”, even if they may change according to the location.