Discover the italian central region of Umbria during Spring

Spring is the ideal season to plan a holiday in Umbria.

This region of Central Italy is also known as “the green heart of Italy”. This is why Umbria is even more charming in spring, when nature blooms.

Why you should plan
a holiday in Umbria in spring

Spring is the mildest season in Italy – and in Umbria in particular. From March to June the temperature becomes more pleasant and the days get longer. It is the ideal climate to visit the art cities and to attend the many events planned.

The green Umbria will restore you thanks to its postcard landscapes. Hills, woods and vineyards will be the setting of your relaxing holiday. Go for long walks and excursions by bike. There are so many paths to be discovered. The cities and the tourist places are still not crowded at all during spring. So it is easier to find an accomodation and to save on costs especially.

If you travel in a group or with your family, you should opt for a holiday in a villa. You will be more independent and you will be able to optimise expenses.

There are a lot of festival
in Umbria during spring

Moreover, in spring there are several celebrations, fairs, festivals and local events. It is a great opportunity to get immersed in the atmosphere and traditions of Umbria. Most of the events are dedicated to the typical products, such as “the Black Diamond Festival”, in Scheggino. It is ideal for black truffle lovers.

The spring in Umbria is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the other specialities: cold cuts, wild asparagus, mushrooms, wines. Also, you can’t miss the traditional Easter desserts, such as Colomba and chocolate eggs.

Some tips for a
spring holiday in Umbria

If you have chosen spring for your holiday in Italy, take note of these tips.

  • The spring weather is rather variable in Umbria. Remember to dress in layers, so you can smoothly deal with the hottest and coldest hours of the day.
  • Pay attention to the feast days. Easter is “high season”. The religious tourism increases, and prices too. Consider this point if you are planning a spring holiday in Umbria.
  • In Italy, the 25thof April, the 1stof May and the 2ndof June are national holidays. There are lots of events, but offices and museums may be closed.
  • In order to organize your holidays with your kids in Umbria as best as possible, we recommend you to rent a villa outside the big cities and to book any visits to the museums in advance. So you can better manage your travels, enjoying your relaxing holiday in Umbria without sacrificing any activities.