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San Gimignano: one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

A holiday in Tuscany should definitely include a visit to San Gimignano, one of the most beautiful towns of Italy. San Gimignano is an ancient medieval town – one of the best preserved villages in Italy – and it has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Come and get a closer look at the riches of this authentic jewel nestled among the colours of the Tuscan hills.

San Gimignano:
one of the most charming places of Italy

You will be amazed by the beauty of this town just by looking at it from afar. San Gimignano is famous for its towers all over the world: it has a unique skyline.

The ancient medieval village – which is UNESCO World Heritage Site – is perfectly preserved even today. This is due to the architectural and urban policies which have safeguarded the historical heritage. Such as its towers. There are 14 remaining towers today, but they were 72 originally – one for each wealthy family of the city.

Listed among the most beautiful towns of Italy, San Gimignano offers the atmosphere of a timeless place. Within its walls it is possible to experience history and perceive art. All of that is surrounded by the hills of Tuscany. Can you imagine a better setting for one of the most beautiful towns of Italy?

San Gimignano is the perfect destination for a holiday in Tuscany.

The riches of San Gimignano:
discovering art and history

The heart of San Gimignano is the famous Piazza della Cisterna. This triangular-shaped piazza dates back to the 13thcentury. It was named after the cistern located in the central part – a well dedicated to public use in the ancient times.

Just a few steps away from the cistern, there is the Duomo. It is worth a visit, in particular for the Chapel of St Fina, which was frescoed by Ghirlandaio.

The less known Church of St Augustine is well worth a visit, too. It contains great works of art: the Cappella di San Bartolo, the vault frescoed by Sebastiano Mainardi, the majolica floor made by Andrea della Robbia, and the frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli representing the life of St Augustine. You should visit also Palazzo del Popolo, the Civic Museum and Torre del Podestà. It is the highest tower of the town and the best preserved one.

For all these reasons this beautiful town has become UNESCO World Heritage Site.

San Gimignano:
flavours, traditions and typical tuscan products

One of the reasons to plan a holiday in Tuscany is the good food. San Gimignano is famous for several typical products that we suggest you to try.

First of all, the wine. The typical wine of San Gimignano is called Vernaccia. It is a white wine with a fine scent; it perfectly matches with Tuscan soups. Among the most famous local products there is saffron, a spice frequently used in cooking.

If you visit San Gimignano, don’t forget to taste the cold cuts –which are the symbol of the culinary tradition of Tuscany.

san gimignano

San Gimignano,
a strategic position to visit Tuscany

San Gimignano is the ideal location for your stay in Tuscany.

It is perched on the green hills of Siena, offering postcard views and relaxing atmospheres. For this reason, too, it is one of the most charming towns of Italy.

San Gimignano is easily reachable from Siena, and from Florence and Pisa as well.

Moving from one city to another can be very fast and easy. And after a day of visits and activities, you can get back to the quietness of the hills.

If you want to choose the most convenient solution to plan your holiday in Tuscany autonomously, we recommend you to rent a villa with pool. If you travel with your kids or in a group, you will be perfectly independent, without losing any comfort and service.

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