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Best places to visit in Italy when you’re on holiday

What are the 5 best places to visit in Italy during your holiday? It’s difficult to say. Italy is a very wide country, offering many different attractions.

So it depends on the kind of holiday you are planning and on the period when you are supposed to leave. However, here are the 5 best places you should definitely visit, in our opinion.

1. Rome, the Eternal City

Among the 5 best places to visit during a holiday in Italy, the first place certainly goes to Rome, the capital.

It is a wonderful city, full of charm and history. You can visit the Colosseum, go shopping in via Condotti, taste the original “Carbonara”, admire the Sistine Chapel and the magnificent St. Peter’s Square. Rome will remain in your heart, trust us.

Here is a tip: avoid visiting Rome during summer if you don’t like hot temperatures. Rather, try to plan your holiday in the low season.

best places to visit in italy - rome

2. Florence and the Tuscan medieval towns:
some of the best places to visit in Italy

How could we not include Florence in the list of the top 5 places to visit during a holiday in Italy? It would be impossible, of course.

If you love art and good food, we suggest you a trip in the Tuscan capital.

Don’t miss to visit the Uffizi. This gallery houses masterpieces of art history –world-famous works such as The Birth of Venus and the Primavera by Botticelli, and Caravaggio’s Medusa. Instead, the equally famous Michelangelo’s David is located in the nearby Galleria dell’Accademia.

Once the visit is over, have a seat in one of the typical Italian osterie and order the popular “Fiorentina” (or Ribollita, for vegetarians), to combine with a glass of good Chianti wine. As for Florence as well, we recommend you to visit it during the low season, so as to avoid the crowds of tourists.

Basically, the whole Tuscany is worth a visit: from Pisa – with its Leaning Tower – to Lucca, from Siena – famous for its Palio – to San Gimignano –one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Italy.

The nearby Umbria is also worth a visit. The “green heart of Italy” will win you over with its landscapes, art and history.

3. Venice, the Lagoon City

Venice is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Along with its lagoon, Venice was declared “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO. It draws thousands of tourists every year, so we could not avoid including Venice among the 5 best places to visit during a holiday in Italy.

Enjoy the sight of St. Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, take some time for a romantic tour on the Grand Canal.

If the crowd is not a problem for you, then you should visit Venice in February, so as to take part in the famous masked Carnival. Your kids will love it!

Also “La Serenissima” has its own culinary traditions. You can’t miss the “Bacaro Tour” –a visit to the typical Venetian bars to enjoy local appetizers, and the classic “Ombra de vin” – a glass of wine.

4. The Cinque Terre

The “Cinque Terre” are five villages connected to each other and overlooking the sea of the Ligurian coast: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. These villages of unique beauty were declared UNESCO “World Heritage Sites”. This is why we included them among the 5 best places to visit during a holiday in Italy.

You can visit just one of the Cinque Terre, or even more than one, because they are well connected to each other. You can explore them on foot for a scenic walk along the Sentiero Azzurro, or by train.

After enjoying the beautiful sceneries through the typical Ligurian alleyways, look for a sea-view restaurant.

Here the fish is really fresh and perfectly cooked. Combine it with a glass of local aromatic white wine.

Pay attention to the high season periods: in fact, the Cinque Terre are very popular from early spring to late summer and, as a result, finding an accommodation is not easy. If you failed to book on time, the nearby Tuscany represents a good alternative. Accommodation offers are much wider there, and reaching the Cinque Terre is very practical.

5. Naples and the Amalfi Coast

The cheerfulness, the colours, and the flavours of Naples will win you over. In our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places to see during a holiday in Italy. Naples is a wonderful art city, although the traffic and the confusion don’t do full justice to it. We suggest you to stop in Piazza del Plebiscito and to visit the National Museum of Capodimonte.

You should definitely go in the folkloric Quartieri Spagnoli and have dinner with Neapolitan pizza – the best you could ever taste.

Not far from Naples, the beautiful Amalfi Coast and its treasures – Amalfi, Positano, and Capri – await you.

However, pay attention to the high season periods. From spring to late summer, the Amalfi Coast is very popular.

best places to visit in italy - capri