Why should I plan my holidays in villas in Tuscany?

Tourists who plan a holiday in a villa in Tuscany are usually very demanding. They are travellers looking for good food and traditions, art and history, relaxing and inspiring atmospheres.

If you plan a holiday in a villa in Tuscany, you can have all of this. And much more.

Tuscany, a holiday
dedicated to art, food and nature

Tuscany is one of the best places to visit in Italy. How many places in the world have historic buildings, works of art, culinary tradition, culture, and a rich and colourful nature all at once? Certainly, not many.

Tuscany is one of these places. For this reason, tourists from all over the world decide to plan their holidays right in Tuscany, a land full of traditions. In Tuscany, the richness of the typical products -from wines to cold cuts – perfectly matches with culinary art, offering a special experience of food and flavours. Spending a holiday in Tuscany means getting immersed in its history and culture. A holiday in Tuscany is an incredible journey into art and beauty.

The art cities of Tuscany are famous all around the world: Pisa, with its Piazza dei Miracoli; Siena, with its Palio and its medieval towns; Florence, with its wonderful collection of works of art in the Uffizi Gallery.

Just outside the historical centres, the green hills of Tuscany will win you over. The vineyards and the olive groves make them pictures to be admired and photographed. Natural paradises where to get immersed and to retire, looking for relax and tranquillity.

san gimignano

Tuscany and relax:
why to plan a holiday in a villa

Renting a villa is the best solution if you are thinking to plan a group holiday in Tuscany. Whether you are together with your friends or with your family, you can enjoy the comfort of an independent accommodation.

Tuscany is a region particularly suited to holidays in a villa, because it can count on very green peripheral areas, which are isolated, but easily reachable from the cities at the same time. During the day, you can move around discovering all the attractions, then coming back to the stillness of your villa to relax, far from the crowd of tourists.

You will be completely independent in terms of time and spaces; however, you can enjoy all the services and comforts. You will also optimise costs, especially if you are part of a large group.

How to plan a
holiday in a villa in Tuscany

If you are thinking to plan a holiday in a villa in Tuscany, here are some useful tips.

Vallebuia - San Gimignano
Vallebuia - San Gimignano
  1. Look for villas located in strategic positions. It is better if they are away from confusion but well connected to the main attractions.
  2. Give preference to the villas in the middle of nature. Your holiday in Tuscany with your kids will be much more pleasant and relaxing.
  3. If you want to make your holiday in Tuscany even more special, choose a villa with pool. The utmost comfort.
  4. Make sure that the villa is equipped with all the services you may need. Also make sure that it is provided with common spaces and private rooms as well.
  5. Give preference to the accommodations within (or in close proximity to) farmhouses. So you can taste typical products – such as wine and oil – in their early stage.