travel with kids

Travel with kids: the best destinations for your holidays

Travelling with kids is a wonderful experience. They grow up and get acquainted with the world. They discover new things, new places, and make new experiences. However, travelling with kids is not easy. In order to plan a child-friendly holiday, it is necessary to carefully choose the destination, the accommodation and the activities to do.

How to travel with kids:
choosing the ideal destination

When travelling with kids, the first thing to do is choosing the right destination. Holidays must be pleasant and relaxing for everyone, without stress. This is why you should look for a child-friendly destination, where kids are welcome.

The destination of your holiday must be easy to reach in terms of logistics, and moving around must be simple as well. Pay attention to avoid overcrowded places, which are hardly suitable for those who travel with kids. According to each destination, consider also which is the best period to go there with kids.

Give preference to an independent accommodation. By renting a villa or a flat, you can enjoy full autonomy and your kids can have all the space they need. This is very important when travelling with kids.


Italy: one of the best destinations
for those travelling with kids

If you want to plan a family holiday, you should know that Italy is one of the best destinations for those travelling with kids. It is convenient and easy reachable. The cities are well connected and the distances from a point of interest to another are never out of reach. Especially if you choose a central region, such as Tuscany or Umbria.

The accommodation facilities – in addition to the museums and the big cities as well – are designed to host those travelling with kids. You will find activities dedicated to the little ones, menus for children, and generally an excellent hospitality.

Before planning a holiday in Italy with kids, however, take into consideration the best period, which changes according to each destination. Basically, you should opt for in-between seasons, i.e. spring and autumn. So you avoid summer crowds and winter cold. Italy offers a wide range of accommodations designed for groups and families travelling with kids. A holiday in a villa is the perfect solution. You will have all the space you need, divided between common areas and private rooms.

Moreover, holiday villas in Italy are usually surrounded by greenery. So kids can have fun in the open air, in a safe place, away from confusion and traffic.

During a holiday in a villa you can enjoy all the services. At the same time, you will experience a fully independent holiday with your kids. You will enjoy your spaces as you like and schedule your days also according to the needs of the little ones.

Many of the villas are equipped with a private pool. We suggest you this solution. You will have a safe space for kids to play and you will be able to relax by taking a dip in total freedom.

Lastly, villas are often flanked by farmhouses. Kids can stay in touch with animals and nature. It will be a special experience for them, and an unforgettable holiday for you.

Tuscany and Umbria: two special places
for those travelling with kids

Italy has an extensive territory which is worth to be discovered from North to South.

However, if you travel with kids we recommend you to think about two regions in particular: Tuscany and Umbria.

They are quiet and livable places, suitable for group and family holidays.

You can find activities, entertainment, art places and great food. And all of this in a natural background which is among the most beautiful ones in Italy. The rolling hills of Tuscany offer stunning views, while Umbria is also known as the “green heart of Italy”.

In Umbria and Tuscany, it is possible to find historical places full of charm: hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Tuscany and Umbria are also central regions. Moving around to visit even the nearby places is very easy and quick.