Five things you should do during a holiday in Italy

A holiday in Italy is always a good experience. However, there are five things you should do to make it very special. Here they are.

1. Take advantage of your holiday
in Italy to taste the typical products

Italy is a country with great culinary traditions, from North to South. This is the result of a flourishing land offering raw materials of the highest quality. It is thanks to the rural culture, which is still widespread and safeguarded in Italy. It is also thanks to the industrial sector, which turns the agricultural production into excellent products.

If you spend your holiday in Italy, you have the opportunity to taste hundreds typical products, from the cheese to the cold cuts, from wine to mozzarella, up to chocolate.

And that’s not all. The long culinary tradition is still today an Italian heritage. You can try the local recipes in the many restaurants and osterie, tasting the typical dishes. This is a way of knowing Italian culture, history and people, by just sitting at the table.

And at the end of your holiday in Italy, you can buy the local products to recreate the traditional flavours at home.

homemade pasta during a holiday in italy

2. A holiday in Italy looking
for art: some tips

Most of the world’s artistic heritage is located in the Bel Paese. A holiday in Italy is the best way to discover and admire it more closely.

Priceless treasures – such as the David of Michelangelo, magnificent monuments -such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, great works – such as the Sistine Chapel… all of them are located in Italy.

And that’s not all. In Italy, art is everywhere: in the small churches, in the old medieval villages, in the historical centres.

If you are planning a holiday in Italy, make sure to include in your schedule the visit to a museum or to a pieve. You can make use of a guided tour or just enjoy this experience independently, also with your kids. Artistic assets are family-oriented, in Italy.

3. From the dips in the sea to the stillness of the mountains: the many aspects of a holiday in Italy

One of the riches of the Bel Paese is its territory. Several kilometres of coasts, urban centres, mountain villages and gentle hills follow one another from North to South. Such a many-sided country is well worth a visit.

By planning your holiday in Italy, you don’t have to choose between sea and mountains. Actually, we suggest you to experience both of them, so your holiday will turn into a very special moment. Moving from one region to another is very easy in Italy, especially thanks to its elongated shape.

Besides, in certain regions the mountains and the sea coexist at a distance of a few hundred kilometres.

For example, in Tuscany. It is the ideal destination for a holiday in Italy. You can go from the beaches of Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi up to the peaks of the Apennines and Apuan Alps, spending your day in a big art city such as Siena and Florence, then coming back to the tranquillity of the hills, such as those surrounding San Gimignano.

4. Celebrations and events: you won’t
get bored during your holiday in Italy

There is no risk of getting bored during a holiday in Italy. Celebrations and events follow one another throughout the peninsula. During good weather in particular, i.e. from spring to early autumn. However, there are many events also in winter, before and after the Christmas period.

Choosing the best time for a holiday in Italy is important. Consider what your main interests are.

Once you have decided the period and the ideal destination (here we suggest you three hidden gems waiting to be discovered), check the schedule of the events.

In Italy, especially in Tuscany, there are many important events taking place throughout the year, such as the Palio di Siena. These events are famous all over the world and draw thousands of tourists.

However, we recommend you to take part in some festivals or patronal celebrations. There are many of them throughout Italy, especially during summer and spring. Thanks to festivals and local food, you will experience a unique and authentic atmosphere.

5. A holiday in a villa in Italy
is relaxing and exclusive

If you want to make your holiday in Italy unforgettable, consider to stay in a villa with pool. It is a very popular solution, which offers you many advantages, especially if you are planning a holiday in Italy with your family.

By renting a villa with pool, you can combine relaxation and entertainment.
Choose a central position, so you will be in proximity to many attractions. You can move around autonomously, away from the confusion of the most crowded tourist sites. You will benefit from an independent accommodation, which is exclusive and very relaxing at the same time.

If you are looking for a villa with pool for your holiday in Italy, read below for some tips. 

Are you looking
for a villa for your holiday in Italy?

Vallebuia, Pereto and Sambuco are probably right for you.

Vallebuia - San Gimignano
Sambuco - Orvieto
Pereto - Montone

Vallebuia is a villa obtained from a Tuscany farmhouse of the 18th century. It overlooks a green valley covering hectars of vineyards, olive groves and private woods. It’s located in the province of Siena, just a few steps away from the old Via Francigena and only 3,5 km away from the historical town centre of San Gimignano.

The building is made up with traditional local materials, such as stones and terracotta; however, it is also provided with every comfort: rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, big-screen TV and a kitchen equipped with the most useful and modern tools. The rooms (two suites and two chambers, each having a private bathroom) are smartly decorated with vintage furniture.

Outside there’s a magnificent infinity pool overlooking the vineyards.

Opposite the house, above the cellar, a building where farm work used to take place has been transformed into a delightful two-person apartment. It is completely separate and comprises a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room with dining table and fireplace.
The farmhouse is equipped for dining “al fresco”. Vallebuia is also a certified biological farm.

Pereto is located in Montone, in the province of Perugia, at the feet of the famous Rocca D’Aries, which is the ideal starting point for walks and excursions.

The building is composed of four ancient country houses made of stone, with terracotta floors which have been renovated recently.

Two of these buildings (Stallina and Essiccatoio) are for rent; they’re smartly decorated with vintage furniture and there is a wonderful pool with panoramic views over the valley.

In particular, Stallina is the perfect solution for 4 people: it has a double bedroom, a main bathroom, an opened area with double bed and a living room with fireplace and kitchenette.

Essiccatoio has 3 double bedrooms (one of which having a private bathroom), a main bathroom, a living room with fireplace and a panoramic window; equipped kitchen and patio.

Sambuco is located in Torre San Severo, in Umbria, near Orvieto.

The elegant 19th-century building can host up to 10 people. In fact it has 5 bedrooms with private bathroom, a main bathroom on the ground floor, a dining room, two living rooms with fireplace, an equipped kitchen and a wide portico with a big dining table.

This villa is comfortable and tastefully furnished; it has been renovated by using vintage materials, such as wooden beams and old ceiling tiles.

Thanks to its panoramic and quiet position and to its magnificent infinity pool as well, Sambuco is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.