vallebuia - San Gimignano

Your italian holidays in villa with pool

A villa with pool, a wonderful dstination, the company of the people we love: these are the ingredients for a special holiday.

A holiday in a villa with pool:
a sophisticated and exclusive location

The demand for exclusive stays in dreamy locations has increased considerably in recent years.

The best solution for those who look for this kind of holidays is renting a villa with pool.

Planning a holiday in a villa with pool offers many advantages, the first being independence.

This type of accommodation is perfect for those who want to enjoy a break of privacy and relaxation. It is the ideal thing if you want to avoid the confusion and the crowd, anyway living as fully you can and discovering wonderful places.

And that’s not all. This solution is particularly popular among families and parents travelling with their kids. In this way, they can enjoy very large areas, sharing convivial moments while setting aside some space for themselves.

luxury holidays

An italian holiday in a villa with pool:
what you get

Generally, the owners of villas for rent have adopted hospitality as a way of life. The taste for beauty, comfort and style is the guideline for their choices. As a result, these villas are elegant and smartly furnished, equipped with all the comforts and services of the best hotel.

It may also happen that the owners reside in the same estate, providing guests with dedicated service staff.

Villas with pool for your holidays are generally suited to host from 6 to 10 people. They have common areas – from the living room to the kitchen, up to the outdoor pool – and private rooms. Generally, they are equipped with every comfort: innovative household appliances, fireplace, air conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi.

Pools are the flagship for holiday villas: they are available for a dip at any time of the day, offering some refreshment and representing the perfect background for a poolside barbecue.

A holiday in a villa with pool:
3 exclusive destinations

If you are looking for italian holidays in a villa with pool, it is essential to choose the ideal place where to stay.

Some of the most beautiful villas with pool for an exclusive holiday in Italy can be found in Umbria and Tuscany. In particular, the most beautiful ones are located on the hills, surrounded by greenery and just a few steps away from wonderful art cities and from the sea, but far from confusion and crowded places at the same time.

Pereto, in Montone (Perugia)

Sambuco, in Torre San Severo (Orvieto)

Vallebuia, in San Giminiano (Siena)

Right here, in the heart of Italy, the art of hospitality coexists with traditions, taste and elegance. A villa with pool in Umbria or Tuscany will welcome you with its unique, warm and friendly style. You will be surrounded by wonderful views in every season. Together with your loved ones and kids, you can enjoy the atmosphere of an exclusive stay, in touch with nature and pampered by tranquillity.

A dream that comes true.