travel with kids

Travel with kids: the best destinations for your holidays

Travelling with kids is a wonderful experience. They grow up and get acquainted with the world. They discover new things, new places, and make new experiences. However, travelling with kids is not easy. In order to plan a child-friendly holiday, it is necessary to carefully choose the destination, the accommodation and the activities to do.

How to travel with kids:
choosing the ideal destination

When travelling with kids, the first thing to do is choosing the right destination. Holidays must be pleasant and relaxing for everyone, without stress. This is why you should look for a child-friendly destination, where kids are welcome.

The destination of your holiday must be easy to reach in terms of logistics, and moving around must be simple as well. Pay attention to avoid overcrowded places, which are hardly suitable for those who travel with kids. According to each destination, consider also which is the best period to go there with kids.

Give preference to an independent accommodation. By renting a villa or a flat, you can enjoy full autonomy and your kids can have all the space they need. This is very important when travelling with kids.


Italy: one of the best destinations
for those travelling with kids

If you want to plan a family holiday, you should know that Italy is one of the best destinations for those travelling with kids. It is convenient and easy reachable. The cities are well connected and the distances from a point of interest to another are never out of reach. Especially if you choose a central region, such as Tuscany or Umbria.

The accommodation facilities – in addition to the museums and the big cities as well – are designed to host those travelling with kids. You will find activities dedicated to the little ones, menus for children, and generally an excellent hospitality.

Before planning a holiday in Italy with kids, however, take into consideration the best period, which changes according to each destination. Basically, you should opt for in-between seasons, i.e. spring and autumn. So you avoid summer crowds and winter cold. Italy offers a wide range of accommodations designed for groups and families travelling with kids. A holiday in a villa is the perfect solution. You will have all the space you need, divided between common areas and private rooms.

Moreover, holiday villas in Italy are usually surrounded by greenery. So kids can have fun in the open air, in a safe place, away from confusion and traffic.

During a holiday in a villa you can enjoy all the services. At the same time, you will experience a fully independent holiday with your kids. You will enjoy your spaces as you like and schedule your days also according to the needs of the little ones.

Many of the villas are equipped with a private pool. We suggest you this solution. You will have a safe space for kids to play and you will be able to relax by taking a dip in total freedom.

Lastly, villas are often flanked by farmhouses. Kids can stay in touch with animals and nature. It will be a special experience for them, and an unforgettable holiday for you.

Tuscany and Umbria: two special places
for those travelling with kids

Italy has an extensive territory which is worth to be discovered from North to South.

However, if you travel with kids we recommend you to think about two regions in particular: Tuscany and Umbria.

They are quiet and livable places, suitable for group and family holidays.

You can find activities, entertainment, art places and great food. And all of this in a natural background which is among the most beautiful ones in Italy. The rolling hills of Tuscany offer stunning views, while Umbria is also known as the “green heart of Italy”.

In Umbria and Tuscany, it is possible to find historical places full of charm: hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Tuscany and Umbria are also central regions. Moving around to visit even the nearby places is very easy and quick.


Discover the italian central region of Umbria during Spring

Spring is the ideal season to plan a holiday in Umbria.

This region of Central Italy is also known as “the green heart of Italy”. This is why Umbria is even more charming in spring, when nature blooms.

Why you should plan
a holiday in Umbria in spring

Spring is the mildest season in Italy – and in Umbria in particular. From March to June the temperature becomes more pleasant and the days get longer. It is the ideal climate to visit the art cities and to attend the many events planned.

The green Umbria will restore you thanks to its postcard landscapes. Hills, woods and vineyards will be the setting of your relaxing holiday. Go for long walks and excursions by bike. There are so many paths to be discovered. The cities and the tourist places are still not crowded at all during spring. So it is easier to find an accomodation and to save on costs especially.

If you travel in a group or with your family, you should opt for a holiday in a villa. You will be more independent and you will be able to optimise expenses.

There are a lot of festival
in Umbria during spring

Moreover, in spring there are several celebrations, fairs, festivals and local events. It is a great opportunity to get immersed in the atmosphere and traditions of Umbria. Most of the events are dedicated to the typical products, such as “the Black Diamond Festival”, in Scheggino. It is ideal for black truffle lovers.

The spring in Umbria is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the other specialities: cold cuts, wild asparagus, mushrooms, wines. Also, you can’t miss the traditional Easter desserts, such as Colomba and chocolate eggs.

Some tips for a
spring holiday in Umbria

If you have chosen spring for your holiday in Italy, take note of these tips.

  • The spring weather is rather variable in Umbria. Remember to dress in layers, so you can smoothly deal with the hottest and coldest hours of the day.
  • Pay attention to the feast days. Easter is “high season”. The religious tourism increases, and prices too. Consider this point if you are planning a spring holiday in Umbria.
  • In Italy, the 25thof April, the 1stof May and the 2ndof June are national holidays. There are lots of events, but offices and museums may be closed.
  • In order to organize your holidays with your kids in Umbria as best as possible, we recommend you to rent a villa outside the big cities and to book any visits to the museums in advance. So you can better manage your travels, enjoying your relaxing holiday in Umbria without sacrificing any activities.
hidden gems

Discover wonderful hidden gems between Tuscany and Umbria

If you are looking for the perfect destination for a holiday in Italy, we recommend you to discover the hidden gems Umbria and Tuscany. Two regions where art and entertainment perfectly match with relax and good food. Thanks to their hidden treasures – San Gimignano, Orvieto and Perugia – they can offer you a unique and unforgettable stay.

Umbria and Tuscany, the perfect destinations for your holiday in Italy

Since Italy is a land of great history and culture, it is worth to be visited entirely, from north to south. Its treasures are famous all over the world.

Some of these are located in Umbria and Tuscany: two destinations which can’t be missed during your holiday in Italy.

That’s right where the heart of Italy beats and where time passes slowly, away from the confusion of crowded places. Strolling through art and history, culinary traditions and postcard views, wandering through museums and events, green hills and ancient villages.

Can’t you decide between Umbria and Tuscany? Come and discover them more closely.


A holiday in Tuscany,
all the must-see hidden treasures

By choosing a holiday in Tuscany, it’s impossible for you to get bored. Tuscany is a region full of hidden treasures.

Florence is the best known city of Tuscany. The Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, the famous Michelangelo’s David: it is a must-see destination for those who love art history.

Moreover, Florence is also appreciated for good food. Have a seat in one of the many restaurants of the centre and order a bistecca alla fiorentina, the traditional Chianina beefsteak, grilled over charcoal. Enjoy it with a glass of good Chianti.

If you are a vegetarian, forget about the steak and order a ribollita, which is another typical speciality of Tuscany based on vegetables, beans and bread: it won’t disappoint you!

Don’t miss Piazza del Campo in Siena, where the famous Palio is held twice a year; while in Pisa, you must visit the popular Piazza dei Miracoli, with its well-known leaning tower.

Tuscany and its hidden gems:
San Gimignano

However, Tuscany is not only made up of big cities. Actually, there are many medieval hill towns not to be missed, such as San Gimignano, which is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

San Gimignano is located on a hill with panoramic views over the beautiful Val d’Elsa. It is known as the Town of Fine Towers. In medieval times over 70 towers were built – one for each wealthy family of the village. There are only 14 remaining towers today. In spite of this, San Gimignano has succeeded in keeping its medieval charm almost intact: passing through its streets and piazzas is a sort of time travel.

San Gimignano is the ideal starting point for your travels throughout Tuscany and its attractions: easily reachable from the rest of the region.

the perfect solution for you

If you are thinking to stay in San Gimignano, Vallebuia is the perfect solution for you. It is a villa obtained from a Tuscan farmhouse of the 18thcentury and it can be rented for a family holiday. Vallebuia overlooks a green valley covering hectars of vineyards, olive groves and private woods. It’s located in the province of Siena, just a few steps away from the old Via Francigena and only 3,5 km away from the historic town centre of San Gimignano.

The luxury building is provided with every comfort: rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, big-screen TV and kitchen equipped with the most useful and modern tools. The rooms (two suites and two chambers, each having a private bathroom) are smartly decorated with vintage furniture.

Opposite the house, above the cellar, a building where farm work used to take place has been transformed into a delightful two-person apartment. It is completely separate and comprises a double bedroom, bathroom and living room with dining table and fireplace.

Outside there’s a magnificent infinity pool overlooking the vineyards.

The farmhouse is equipped for dining “al fresco”. 

Vallebuia is also a certified biological farm.

Reasons for choosing
a holiday in Umbria

Umbria is known as the “green heart of Italy”, which is a good reason for planning a holiday here. Umbrian hills and old towns will offer you a stay made of history, culture, art and relax, in contact with nature, in a relaxing and mild atmosphere, without sacrificing great cultural events and entertainment. 

And without missing out on food, especially. Umbria is a land of great wines and typical products, with a remarkable culinary tradition. You can have fun enjoying the most interesting culinary experiences.

Umbria will amaze nature lovers: in fact, it has 7 regional parks, amongst which the Park of Trasimeno Lake. This lake itself is a very popular destination among tourists searching for hidden gems in Italy, where you can have a refreshing dip into its quiet waters or an excursion through the surrounding paths. You should definitely visit Marmore Falls, a breathtaking scenery.

Moreover, Umbria is the perfect destination for those choosing Italy for its beautiful monuments: it’s a casket of precious hidden gems of history and art, with archaeological remains of the Etruscan era, Byzantine mosaics and works of great painters, such as Giotto and Perugino. Enjoy a visit to the art cities of Assisi and Perugia.

In particular, don’t miss the Etruscan Arch in Perugia – which was the gate of the old city wall, the beautiful Piazza IV Novembre, the Gallery and the Fontana Maggiore – a real masterpiece.

Perugia is a city of good food and typical products as well, from wine to honey. If you are gluttonous for sweets, you can’t miss a guided tour of the Chocolate Museum.

Vallebuia - San Gimignano
Sambuco - Orvieto
Pereto - Montone

A holiday in Umbria,
in contact with nature

Just outside Perugia, we recommend you to visit Montone, an old medieval village perfectly preserved, which is worth a stop. Therefore, it is no surprise that it has been ranked among the 100 most beautiful villages of Italy.

In Montone there’s the magnificent Church of San Francesco – dated 1300, the Rocca D’Aries and the old Church of San Gregorio.

Montone is the ideal starting point for walks and natural routes to reach tourist locations, such as Gubbio and Assisi. Thanks to its strategic position, it is the ideal solution for your stay.

For a family holiday, we would recommend Pereto, an ancient villa at the feet of the famous Rocca D’Aries, which is composed of two houses (Stallina and Essiccatoio); they are for rent and smartly decorated. The building has also a wonderful pool with panoramic views over the valley.

While in Umbria for your holiday, arrange a visit to Orvieto, a beautiful hill town perched on a tuff cliff. You’ll be amazed by its gothic Duomo and by the famous St. Patrick’s Well, which is a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering, by its panoramic views from Torre del Moro, by the charm of its underground tunneling system: a complex labyrinth winding through caves, tunnels, wells and cisterns.

In Torre San Severo, near Orvieto, it is possible to stay in a wonderful villa with pool. Sambuco is an elegant farmhouse hosting up to 10 people. This villa is comfortable and tastefully furnished; it is located in a quiet and panoramic position. Thanks to its magnificent infinity pool, Sambuco is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

Villa with pool in Italy for you perfect holidays

A villa with pool in Italy:
the perfect holiday

A holiday in Italy, in a villa with pool, pampered by the quietness of the hills but just a few steps away from historic towns and art places.

What else could you ask for?

Making your holiday a unique and special experience is very easy: you only need to choose the best solution, the one that combines relax and entertainment, tranquillity and services. More and more tourists decide to spend their holidays in Italy renting a villa with pool. A luxury choice which is practical as well, offering many advantages.

Autonomy and independence

By choosing holiday villas, you won’t have neither time nor space constraints. You can freely decide when to eat, when to go to bed, when to get up in the morning. And when to take a relaxing dip in the pool, as well.


Spending your holidays in a villa in Italy means having the possibility to benefit from (private and exclusive) safe spaces; these can be enjoyed in total freedom and with full respect for your privacy and for the privacy of your family.

Tranquillity and flexibility

You’ll be able to manage your own time as you prefer, away from the confusion of the crowd, from the queues of the restaurants, and from the long waits for a seat by the poolside.

Comforts and services

Renting a holiday villa with pool in Italy means having an elegant, cozy and large house, furnished with style and equipped with every comfort. A special experience in a unique background of exceptional beauty.

Relaxing atmosphere and mild climate

Holiday villas with pool which are rented in Italy are often surrounded by the quietness of the hills, in contact with nature. This means silence, tranquillity, and especially more pleasant temperatures in comparison to historic town centres and tourist places.


Away from confusion and traffic but close to the city. The holiday villas are the ideal starting point for your travels, either for guided visits to the museums or for nature excursions. You’ll be able to move around easily and autonomously to reach the most interesting destinations of that specific area.

Diving as much as you like

Renting a villa with pool allows you to enjoy a relaxing bath even if you’re far from any beach, at any time: in the morning, before having breakfast, at dusk, while enjoying an appetizer at sunset, after dinner, to facilitate a restful sleep.

Freedom for meals

A pasta dish improvised at midnight, a barbecue by the poolside, a dinner with friends (maybe prepared by a chef), or a lunch at the nearest restaurant. Thanks to your holiday villa, every culinary desire can be fulfilled.

Spaces for everyone

Holiday villas in Italy are meant to host families and groups of friends, from 6 up to 10 people. They are equipped with common areas and private rooms, so you can share convivial moments whilst respecting privacy, timing and everyone’s needs.


Who is a villa with pool
holiday suitable for?

A holiday villa with pool is ideal for groups of friends, even in pairs. It is possible to spend some time together respecting everyone’s needs and organizing yourself autonomously at the same time.

Holiday villas with pool in Italy are perfect for families (even for the largest ones), because they can count on safe and protected places, and they have all that is needed to look after children in the best way: from the spaces to the services, up to the countless activities where you can involve them. Away from confusion, children recover their tranquillity and fully enjoy their holiday, as well as mum, dad and grandparents do.

The important thing is to choose the right villa, especially if you are in a large group.

How to choose a holiday villa
with pool in Italy

You should consider a villa with pool for your holidays: you’ll benefit in terms of relax and entertainment. Just make sure that your holiday villa is provided with every comfort and service (equipped kitchen, pool, air conditioning, possibility to have service staff). Make sure it is spacious, with common areas and private rooms, so you can freely decide which spaces to share, and when to share them.

For your holiday in Italy you should choose a villa near to the main attractions, so you can easily move around.

Top destinations
for your holiday in a villa in Italy

Tuscany and Umbria are certainly two of the Italian regions offering the best accomodations for those who wish to spend a holiday in a villa with pool.

They are both territories deeply rooted in their traditions, where villas are often based on historic dwellings, tastefully furnished with vintage materials, thus allowing you to live a unique experience.

They are green regions, where it’s still possible to spend a holiday in contact with nature, enjoying postcard landscapes.

They are lands of culinary traditions, where pampering yourself with delicious food and wine is always a good idea.

Tuscan and Umbrian art cities will amaze and enchant you. It will be a journey made of history, culture and beauty. Art is not only in the museums, in Italy. It is in every single detail: in the piazzas, in the ancient churches, in the medieval villages, in the historic buildings.

Tuscany and Umbria are hospitable lands, suitable for families, where adults and kids can enjoy their own spaces, choosing between relax and activities.

Among the top destinations for your holiday in a villa, we recommend San Gimignano, Orvieto and Perugia.

Are you looking for
a villa with pool for your holiday in Italy?

Vallebuia, Pereto and Sambuco are probably right for you.


Why should I plan my holidays in Italy with my family?

History, art, food, hospitality: there are many reasons to spend your family holidays in Italy, maybe with friends too.

It will be an unforgettable holiday during which you will be amazed by beauty in all its forms, combining relax and entertainment, the freedom to move around and the comfort of the services. You will share time and experiences with your family, friends and children.

A family holiday in Italy is really something for everyone.

Art is always a good reason
to spend holidays in Italy

It is possible to perceive art, history and culture everywhere in Italy. You can perceive them while visiting museums, passing through an art gallery or through the naves of a cathedral, while looking at frescoes, marbles and archaeological sites. You can feel them in the details: small medieval villages, artisan workshops, historical residences which are often converted into accomodation facilities, making each stay absolutely unique.

From Rome to Venice, from Florence to Amalfi… In Italy history, culture and art turn into a tale, a wonderful daily experience for adults but also, and especially, for kids. ( Discover more here  > Best places to visit in Italy when you’re on holiday )

A holiday in Italy,
experiencing good food

Well, you know, Italian cuisine is famous all over the world and it’s able to really satisfy the most demanding palates. Treasures to be discovered and enjoyed: on one side there are the most common dishes, the traditional recipes and the local specialities, pasta, pizza, ice-cream; on the other one, there are authentic and genuine flavours, qualitative raw materials, gastronomic excellences and typical products, and there are hundreds of them in Italy.

Restaurants, “street food”, traditional osterias and pizzerias: you’ll be really spoilt for choice.

A glass of good wine may be matched with every dish: wine lovers and experts will find special bottles and fine wines in all Italian regions.


Family holidays in Italy,
across landscapes and nature

Italy is a very rich country from a naturalistic point of view. Beaches, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers meet along the peninsula – and they often coexist. A holiday in Italy offers unlimited opportunities to nature lovers: natural reserves, national parks, woods, paths, farmhouses and agricultural facilities ready to host guests, offering them a stay in contact with nature and giving them the opportunity to observe plants and animals more closely.

A real pleasure for kids especially.

What should you do to make
your holidays in Italy unforgettable

Holidays in Italy are something for everyone, adults and kids. It is perfect for those who love adventure, but also for history and art enthusiasts, for people seeking relax as well as active holidays. Sport facilities (also equipped for children and youths), aquaparks, museums, workshops, courses, tasting sessions, thermal baths, gastronomic tours and naturalistic routes, guided visits and excursions to be enjoyed by bike or on foot. There’s really nothing missing in Italy.

From January to December, Italy is pleased to welcome you with a wide calendar of events for all ages: cinemas and theathers, also for the little ones, antiques markets, local fairs and great events, concerts, festivals.

And then inevitably there is shopping, from fashion to handicraft, up to typical products: there is something for everyone’s taste.

Discover more here > Five things you should do during a holiday in Italy

Italy, the perfect place
for family holidays

Italy is the land of hospitality and welcome, the perfect destination for family holidays.

There are a lot of equipped facilities even for the largest groups, offering them family holidays with services and activities dedicated to children and youths.

And that’s not all. Travelling with your family in Italy is convenient: it is possible to optimise costs and to take advantage of the facilities dedicated to group accomodation, such as villas and farmhouses, which are much wider and cozier than a traditional hotel.

“The more we are, the better it is” we say in Italy. In other words, the larger the group, the easier the diversification of the activities, the organisation of time and children care.

Moreover, family holidays are much funnier! It is possible to arrange group activities, share experiences and fulfill everybody’s wishes!

Top destinations
for your holidays in Italy

It is a region full of charm, where good food (and good wine) and worldly life go hand-in-hand with art and culture, where historical cities and wonderful natural landscapes coexist.

Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza, Chianti hills, Vinci (the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci), Montalcino vineyards, the Etruscan town of Volterra, the marble quarries of Carrara. And then Elba Island, the beaches of Grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia. A holiday in Tuscany won’t disappoint you.

At a distance of little more than a 2-hour drive, there’s another perfect destination for your holidays in Italy: Umbria, a land with a milder and quiter atmosphere if compared with neighbouring Tuscany; however, it is equally fascinating.

Allow yourself to be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes of the “green heart of Italy”, by its medieval villages perched on the hills, by its history and traditions, by the flavours and colours of its cuisine, by its authentic atmosphere and by its timeless charm. From Perugia to Assisi, from Orvieto to Città di Castello, along the shores of lake Trasimeno, through the ancient villages of Città della Pieve. Umbria is rich of places and full of events, some of which are very important and held every year, such as Saint Ubaldo Day in Gubbio, Festival of the Two Worlds in Spoleto, and Umbria Jazz. Experiences not to be missed.

The positive aspect
of planning your family holidays in Italy

In Italy it’s not uncommon to come across ancient palaces and historical dwellings converted into luxury accomodation facilities, furnished with style and provided with every comfort.

It is an independent solution which allows you to enjoy all the comforts: staying in a villa will make your holidays in Italy a truly unforgettable experience.

Villas are ideal facilities to host families and large groups, structured with private spaces and common services to ensure guests privacy and relax, without losing the possibility to share experiences.

Are you looking
for a villa for your holidays in Italy?

Vallebuia, Pereto and Sambuco are probably right for you.

Vallebuia - San Gimignano
Sambuco - Orvieto
Pereto - Montone

San Gimignano (Siena)

Vallebuia is a villa obtained from a Tuscany farmhouse of the 18th century. It overlooks a green valley covering hectars of vineyards, olive groves and private woods. It’s located in the province of Siena, just a few steps away from the old Via Francigena and only 3,5 km away from the historical town centre of San Gimignano.

The building is made up with traditional local materials, such as stones and terracotta; however, it is also provided with every comfort: rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, big-screen TV and a kitchen equipped with the most useful and modern tools. The rooms (two suites and two chambers, each having a private bathroom) are smartly decorated with vintage furniture.

Outside there’s a magnificent infinity pool overlooking the vineyards.

Opposite the house, above the cellar, a building where farm work used to take place has been transformed into a delightful two-person apartment. It is completely separate and comprises a double bedroom, bathroom and living room with dining table and fireplace.

The farmhouse is equipped for dining “al fresco”. Vallebuia is also a certified biological farm.

Montone (Perugia)

Pereto is located in Montone, in the province of Perugia, at the feet of the famous Rocca D’Aries, which is the ideal starting point for walks and excursions.

The building is composed of four ancient country houses made of stone, with terracotta floors which have been renovated recently.

Two of these buildings (Stallina and Essiccatoio) are for rent; they’re smartly decorated with vintage furniture and there is a wonderful pool with panoramic views over the valley.

In particular, Stallina is the perfect solution for 4 people: it has a double bedroom, a main bathroom, an opened area with double bed and a living room with fireplace and kitchenette. 

Essiccatoio has 3 double bedrooms (one of which having a private bathroom), a main bathroom, a living room with fireplace and a panoramic window; equipped kitchen and patio. 

Torre San Severo (Orvieto)

Sambuco is located in Torre San Severo, in Umbria, near Orvieto.

The elegant 19th-century building can host up to 10 people. In fact it has 5 bedrooms with private bathroom, a main bathroom on the ground floor, a dining room, two living rooms with fireplace, an equipped kitchen and a wide portico with a big dining table.

This villa is comfortable and tastefully furnished; it has been renovated by using vintage materials, such as wooden beams and old ceiling tiles.

Thanks to its panoramic and quiet position and to its magnificent infinity pool as well, Sambuco is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.